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Executive Director and CEO

Ashley Gurvitz, believes in the power of advocacy and its ability to affect long-lasting change. As a dedicated neighbor to her Indianapolis’ Eastside community, she believes in bringing together neighbors, community stakeholders, and other decision makers to strengthen and improve the quality of life. She also strives to be a good Christian, student, an engaged citizen and provide teachings to equip others to feel empowered. She enjoys mentoring youth throughout Indianapolis and assist other community initiatives. Before joining the Alliance for Northeast Unification team, Ashley served as the Community Development Manager for Eastern Star Church’s ROCK Initiative. The initiative’s efforts within its first two years provided approximately $5 Million dollars in community projects such as new and rehab single-family home construction; the building of a multi-use facility bringing in new community partnerships; the creation of a fresh food market aimed at tackling the systemic food desert effects; creation of the Arlington Woods Neighborhood Association; and many other high-level social impact, community development projects.


Prior to her role at Eastern Star Church, Ashley served as the Internship Director and a Senior Legislative Assistant for the Indiana House of Representatives. Outside of her professional role, Ashley is also involved with other community organizations such as the Emerging Leaders Project, Kennedy King Memorial Initiative, Northeast Community District Resource Council and the Damien Center. She is part of Indianapolis’ Citizens Police Complaint Board and is president of the Indianapolis chapter of the Democrat African American Caucus.


She is a graduate of IUPUI where obtained her Bachelors in Public Management through the School of Public and Environmental Affairs and is currently in the process of obtaining her Masters in Public Administration focused on policy analysis and urban affairs.  

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Community Health Advocate

Summer Burks is our New Certified Health Worker!  She has lived and worked in and around this community for over 20 years! Summer has used Dance as a platform for outreach coupled with an educational background in Psychology, Anthropology, and Sociology.  I believe in the Vitality and Resiliency of people, together our possibilities are Limitless!  

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Jackee Bullock, grew up on Indianapolis’ great east-side where she was raised by her mother and father, along with her siblings. After graduating from Broad Ripple High School, Jackee began writing poetry, and quickly excelled in her writing skills. As an adult Jackee contributed to her community by volunteering with the Mozel Sanders Foundation, joining them on Thanksgiving Day for several years; feeding families home cooked meals. New Haven Missionary Baptist Church, her church home, is proud to have her as it’s former Assistant Treasurer.


Jackee has exceeded expectations for years in both the customer service field as well as social work. She worked in the Child Support Division at the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office as a Caseworker, as well as spending over 18 years at the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. Within her time at the BMV she managed to build a lot of life-long friendships. Aside from her professional and creative life, Jackee also built relationships with her motorcycle family, as Vice President of the Diamond Riders. Jackee now enjoys spending time with her daughter and grand-daughters. 

Image by Drew Beamer

Board of Directors:

  • Orlando D. Jordan, Jr., Chairman

  • Kimberly Smith

  • Eric Middleton

  • Eve Wilkerson

  • Ellen Annala

  • Dina Batts- Davenport

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