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Business Growth - to ensure that several clusters of environmentally safe and accessible neighborhood businesses continuously exist and thrive, including retail, light manufacturing and professional services so that neighbors and business owners work to reinvest in each other.


Culture, Livability and Connectivity (CLC) - to establish measures that ensure that the community has a shared vision tied to goals that lead to cultivate pride in the NE Corridor. They will advocate for clean environments; providing access to safe transit options and fortifying diversity to live, work and play.


Education - to ensure that the NE Corridor maintains an education system centered on ethical and critical thinking that embraces and prepares the whole human being for lifelong learning and contributing to the community.


Health & Wellness - to ensure the NE Corridor becomes an increasingly healthier community year after year - - coming alive and thriving by reducing chronic disease through education about healthy lifestyles, and with ever-increasing access to healthy foods. 


Housing - to establish and assist in measures that lead community residents to effective housing.   They will assist to provide resources that promote home-ownership. 


Jobs and Training - ensure everyone in a search of a job has access to gainful employment and a strong network of support. 


Safety and Civility - to ensure everyone in the NE Corridor will be safer through crime prevention and reduction efforts with engaged neighbors.


Youth Engagement - to ensure that the youth of the NE Corridor are propelled toward positive, successful outcomes by strengthening families, promoting and developing peer-to-peer activities and connecting youth to community assets.

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