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who we ARE

The Alliance For Northeast Unification (ANU) was established to create a unified front to lead community development initiatives in the Northeast community. As a result, a partnership between The Meadows Community Foundation (MCF) and The United Northeast Community Corporation (UNEC) was created.

Alliance for Northeast Unification (ANU) Scope of Work / Specifications / Cost Budget

3201 / 3203 Sutherland


Renovation for Homeownership, 2 stories, duple residence, (909sf, 2 bedrooms, 1 full bath per side)  

Large corner lot

Contractor will construct a 25’ by 25’ gravel parking pad in the rear of the yard off the alley as part of the project that will serve as parking for the future residents


General Conditions – DO NOT BID ON THIS SECTION

Includes general specifications and work standards that overlap multiple Work Divisions.

All work must be completed in accordance with the currently adopted Indiana Building Rules, including but not limited to Indiana Building Code, Indiana Residential Code, Indiana Energy Conservation Code, Indiana Mechanical Code, Indiana Plumbing Code, and Indiana Electrical Code.


Since this project is utilizing federal funds, all work must comply with the standards and specifications outlined in the HOME Property Standards (City document), and the CDBG General Requirements & Specifications (City document.)

All work must be completed in a timely, neat, and workmanlike manner.

Provide representative samples of colors, finishes, textures, and styles for finish materials and products such as roofing, windows, siding, trim, flooring, cabinetry, countertops, hardware, fixtures, and paint colors to CM prior to ordering materials. Do not install polished, lacquered brass hardware or fixtures.


Protect trees that will remain on the site. Confirm which trees need to be protected with CM.

Comply with all applicable local, state, and federal worksite and worker safety requirements.

Comply with all final clearance requirements – initial abatement and clearance have been achieved.


Contractors performing hazardous material abatement work must maintain required certifications, including EPA Lead RRP certification and registration as well as the following:


Asbestos – EPA Asbestos Abatement Contractor/Supervisor or Asbestos Abatement Worker certification.

Underground Storage Tank (UST) – removal requires Indiana Department of Fire and Building Services (DFBS) certification. UST closure verification and reporting is handled by IDEM.

Aboveground Storage Tank (AST) – removal and closure does not require certification, however, IDEM requires that ASTs and related piping must be completely emptied, professionally cleaned to a vapor free condition, piping must be disconnected, and tanks must be disposed of properly.


GC will be required to submit tax id #’s for major work components if sub-contracting out phases of the build – they will also be required to provide necessary documentation and assist in completing the MBE / XBE / WBE / VBE / SECTION 3 participation sheet each draw cycle. 

End of General Conditions

Scope of Work Sections

Building Permit

Obtain the necessary building permit for the work to be performed  (1 each)  $

Selective Demolition


Remove all trim, plaster, lathe, drywall, insulation, mechanicals,

furnishings, down to the exposed studs / ceiling joists / and subflooring.

This will include debris removal in both basements.

– haul away all debris

(909*2 = 1818 sf – Interior on 1st and 2nd floors for both side of the duplex)     $



Remove all stucco from the exterior walls down to the bare studs / remove all

Exterior trim / removal all existing window and door units throughout the house

Approx. 1600 sf of exterior stucco to be removed $



Approx. (4) 40-yard dumpsters will be needed. This is the amount the owner

will pay for – anything above and beyond that is on the GC. This figure is based off

of previous projects of similar size and scope  $


(Foundation Wall Repairs) 


All head and bed Joints that have missing / loose mortar or broken bonds  

have to be tuck-pointed. Cut out existing mortar at a minimum of ¾” depth.

Remove all loose material with brush and clear water. Repoint using

Portland cement mortar. Use mortar within 30 minutes of final mixing. Wet

Mortar joint before applying mortar. Tool all joints and clean brick. Match 

Color as closely as possible. Install 21 steel wall anchors / exterior pins 

through the foundation along the south / north / and eastern sides of the



(Approx. 600 sf need tuckpointed)  $

(Basement windows)

Provide and Install fixed glass block basement windows at openings

(10 total windows) 

Windows are non -venting/ obscure glass block / maintain original opening sizes $


Provide and install a new concrete sidewalk from the front porch to the city 

sidewalk in front of the house and from the back entry door to the parking pad 

in the backyard with new broom finished concrete. 

Sidewalk to be 4” thick 4000 psi concrete with a broom finish and properly spaced

control joints. Sidewalks will be 3’ wide.

(approx. 500sf)  $


(Basement Staircase)

Provide materials and labor to construct a new treated wood staircase from the 

Main level to the basement. Existing staircase is rotten thus the need to replace

It. Provide a wood handrail for the staircase that is properly returned to the wall

at the top and bottom of the staircase 2 staircases total. Existing opening height

/ width / length of staircase opening to the basement will me code so new stairs

need to be built to today’s building code with the proper tread and riser dimensions.     $


(Interior) Labor

Make sure all window and door headers are properly sized for the openings. 

Layout of the house Isn’t going to change much from it’s current location.

Replace all rotten or missing subflooring with new ¾” OSB (approx..

200 sf is visible at this time and will need replaced – anything above this will be

a change order). Upon completion of the demo inspect and identify any 

cracked / rotten / damaged floor joists, sill plates, and wall stud framing that 

needs to be replaced.  $ 


Use the “proposed floorplan” sheet as guidance for this scope of work – this 

Additional framing repairs needed once uncovered after demo work will be 

treated as a change order.


(Interior) Materials

Provide ¾” inch OSB subflooring / pressure treated sill plates / properly sized

SYP floor joists / wall studs / ceiling joists/ rafters. Include all necessary

Fasteners and joist hangers. This may also include new headers and structural 

Beams. Again after demo is completed and any needed repairs are visible a

Change order will be created for the work in this section $


Exterior Sheathing

Provide and install new 7/16” osb exterior wall sheathing throughout 

The exterior walls of the house. Provide and install Tyvek or similar 

Housewrap on all exterior walls. Provide and install 

window roll flashing at each window location 

Prior to installing windows (approx.. 2000 sf) $

Gutters and Downspouts

Provide and install new 6” k style seamless aluminum gutters and 4” downspouts

on exterior of house (Approx 250 lf needed) Also install plastic splashblocks at

all downspout locations at grade level – directing water away from the house $ 


Provide and install new single hung white vinyl clad windows throughout house. 

Windows will be clear glass with no mutton divider bars. Maintain

Original window sizes - fix all headers prior to installing windows if they do

not meet the existing building code

(16 windows total)  $



Provide and install front and side entry doors with a½ light fiberglass / 

steel exterior rated door and jamb. Door should be set up as a double bore

lockset (4 each) Door size will be a 3’0” by 6’8” unit  $


Exterior Siding / Trim 

Provide and Install new fiber cement siding and trim on complete exterior of 

house. House will have smooth siding and 1x6 corner and window trim boards.

Siding will have a 5” exposure.

Trim will be installed smooth side out. 

(approx.. 2000 sf needed)


Exterior Painting

Paint all exterior trim / entry doors / and other exposed wood surfaces at front 

Porch and detail above front porch. Paint front and side entry doors. Paint new 

Fiber cement siding and trim. Properly caulk all joints. Remove all debris from 

Painting surfaces prior to painting. House will have 3 colors that are t.b.d.

(Approx. 2000 sf of exterior painting) Paint to be Sherwin Williams or equal $


Provide and Install new HVAC system including all equipment and necessary 

ductwork and gas piping. Equipment should be sized by mechanical contractor 

and meet all necessary building codes. Duplex is approx. 1818 sf of finished 

space. House will need to be equipped with a 90%+ efficient gas furnace with

new PVC flue pipes. CM to be involved in layout.  New AC Units to be located 

at the rear of the house.

HVAC scope will also include dryer vents in the basement laundry area and 

2 bath exhaust Fans  $


Provide and Install new plumbing water and drain lines throughout the house. 

All piping sizes should be sized by plumbing contractor and meet all necessary 

building codes. Duplex will be 2 bathrooms total. Provide and install a new

electric 40 gallon water heater that will be located in the basement or each 

unit. This does not include a new water or sewer line to the house. $

Plumbing Fixtures

Provide and install new 2 piece fiberglass tub/shower units along with chrome

Tub/shower faucets in each bathroom. Tub / Shower valves to be Delta

brand or equal

(2 each)   $

Provide and install new 1.6 gallon 2 piece toilets (2 each) $

Provide and install new ¾ hp garbage disposal (2each) $

Provide and install new double bowl 33 inch by 22 inch 18 gauge

kitchen sink w/ faucet (chrome sink hole faucet) (2 each)

Faucet to be Delta brand or equal  $

Provide and install white cultured marble sinks with new vanity sink faucet 

single hole Chrome (2 each) 

Delta brand or equal  $


Provide and Install new electrical wiring  throughout the house. 

200 amp service needed per side and separately metered.

All electrical work should be designed by the electrical contractor and meet

All building codes. Main electrical panels need to be located in the basement 

f each unit  All smoke detectors need 

To be hardwired and interconnected. 

Wiring in the house musts include provisions

For an electric range (50 Amp ) and an electric water heater (30 Amp) as well

As an electric dryer (30 Amp).


Provide and install all switches / plugs / devices – all should be “white”. 

Provide and install light fixtures at all locations – provide and install ceiling

fans at all bedrooms and living room locations. Submit cut sheets to owner

for approval on lighting fixtures . Light fixtures to be builder grade quality $


Alarm – provide and install an alarm system for each side of the duplex that arms 

The exterior doors and windows as well as a heat detector in case of fire. 

Alarm needs to be able to be monitored post construction activity. 

1 alarm per side $


Provide and install fiberglass and cellulose insulation at all exterior walls and attic 

cavities and rim joists in the basement. Provide and Install sound proof fiberglass

batts on the party wall 

between the 2 units – including the dividing wall in the attic that separates the two

units. All insulation R values should meet the state building code requirements. 

Firecaulk as required all penetrations. Approx 2800 sf of insulation needed $


Provide and Install new 1/2 “ drywall on all walls and ceilings 

Install moisture resistant drywall in all bath

and kitchen areas near water sources

All drywall to be slick finish on walls and ceilings(approx. sf of drywall = 3500 sf)

Drywall should be screwed and nailed to manufacturer’s specs 

Install 5/8” drywall on the common wall between the duplex – both sides $


Provide and Install new ¾” hardwood floors throughout 1st floor 

(approx. 1200 sf) color and style t.b.d $6 psf labor and materials allowance

Real pre-finished hardwood  $


(Bath areas)

Provide and Install new ceramic tile and ½” backerboard throughout the

bathroom floors only.

Color and style of tile t.b.d. but figure $2.50 psf material allowance (200 sf) $

Submit proposed floor tile to CM for approval before beginning this scope 

of work.



Provide and install new carpet / pad / tack strip on staircases and entire 2nd floor 

Carpet must be 3/8” pile carpet FHA quality of better – approx. 800 sf

Carpet to be a light gray color. Submit cut sheets of carpet to CM for approval

before ordering  $


Provide and install the following standard black appliances:

Dishwashers – black basic dishwashers (2 each) $

Microwave Exhaust hood – Black 30” over the range unit (2 each)  $


Provide and install new cabinets in kitchen  $

White shaker style cabinets and drawers Approx. 18 lf of base cabinets needed

And 14 lf of upper cabinets needed

Provide and install bathroom vanity cabinets (2 bathrooms total) $

Each vanity cabinet to be approx.. 36” in length and white shaker style


Provide and install new laminate kitchen countertops – slight eased edge

(2 kitchens total) Color to t.b.d.  Approx 18 lf per kitchen   $

Interior Doors

Furnish and install new 2-panel smooth surface interior hollow core 

doors in all locations with new hardware. Hardware is to be satin nickel in

color to match the hinges. Use Kwickset or equal lever style knobs

(10 interior doors total)  $

Finish Carpentry Materials

Furnish and Install all casing / baseboard throughout the

interior of the units / staircases will also need to re-built -  (1818 sf) $

All trim will be 1x primed pine or poplar

Finish Carpentry Labor

Install all appliances / trim / hardware / shoe molding /cabinets / countertops

/ doors throughout the duplex. (1818 sf)  $


Furnish and Install wire-coated closet shelving in 2 locations plus a shelf 

above the laundry equipment   $

Bath Accessories

Furnish and Install new towel bar / medicine cabinet / tp holder / 

shower rod in each bathroom – match color to door hinges (2 full bathrooms)

All accessories to be builder grade quality. Submit cut sheets to CM for approval

Prior to ordering   $

Interior Painting


Paint all walls / ceilings / trim throughout living areas of house. 

Use semi-gloss paint on bathrooms and kitchens. Use eggshell paint on

Other wall finishes. Paint should be Sherwin Williams or equal. This

Will include a primer coat and 2 coats of finish paint. Caulk and putty

all nail holes.

(Total wall sf = 2800 sf painted surfaces)  $


Basement walls and floor will also need to be painted with a 

masonry sealer paint. Walls will be painted white in color and the floor

will be painted a gray color. Wire brush and vacuum all walls and floor before 

painting ensuring they are free of debris 

(approx.. 1334 sf)   $

Final Cleaning

Final clean throughout interior of house (approx. 1818 sf)  $


Add necessary topsoil and/or re-grade ground away from house according to city 

Code. Install four shrubs (boxwoods) at the front yard with a 3’ wide mulch bed 

around them remove all construction debris from yard – grade and seed 

disturbed yard from construction activities.  Maintain mowing of existing grass

during construction.


Exterior Detail

Provide and install House #’s and mailboxes for both the front and back of the


Each side of the house needs to have the correct address on it. Mailboxes 

Should be black in color and standard builder grade (2 mailboxes and 4 sets 

of house numbers) $

Provide AC Steelcage and concrete pad for the AC outdoor unit (2 total) $

Lot Clean Up

(Debris Removal)

Remove all old concrete junk in back and side yards completely. This includes

Old sidewalks / retaining walls / concrete blocks buried in yard near the alley

Ger rid of all weed tree vegetation growing at the property   $

(Parking Pad)

Remove leaning retaining wall along alley / excavate dirt down to gain access from 

Alley / add gravel and treated 6 by 6 timber border to make way for a new

20’ deep by 25’ wide gravel parking pad $

Utility Usage

5 – month’s worth of electric and water usage in contractor’s name $

Water service to the house

Install new plastic main water service line to the house from the city’s main

In Sutherland Avenue. Each side of the duplex needs to have a meter pit in the 

Yard with the proper shut-off valve per the water company’s code. Piping 

Size should be determined by the water service contractor and meet today’s code


Now accepting bids for resident home renovations. Please contact our office for complete details

Home renovations are are funded by Indianapolis CDBG funds.  

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